Big 'Servers' at Wimbledon

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships has been an early adopter of new technologies in the coverage of its tennis matches. This year there are new apps and an array of tools allowing for such things as 360 degree videos when watching the tennis. A huge amount of data is also collated and processed during Wimbledon. Click hears from Sam Seddon and Alex Willis about the big ‘servers’ at Wimbledon.

Zooming in with Prezi
Are you a PowerPoint person or Keynote? Perhaps you are neither or reluctant to use them. Such tools to display images and texts in presentations have been challenged recently by the company Prezi which allows you to zoom in and out when navigating your documents. The CEO of Prezi, Peter Arvai, joins Click to discuss how Prezi aims to make it easier to give presentations.
The Internet of Things promises to allow you to link up myriad technologies – whether it be your phone, laptop and fridge – individual smart tools and devices will be networked. But how would you search online for the kind of things that can be networked? That is the idea behind Its CEO, Usman Haque tells Gareth Mitchell, how the connections will be made.

World Championship for Coders
Computer programmers rarely find themselves celebrated and standing on podiums to receive our applause. But that is just where they should be argues the organisers of the world’s first, Coding World Championships. The competitors take to the wheel driving virtual racing cars using Artificially Intelligent computer algorithms. There were entries from all around the world. Click’s Mark Bosworth reports on the qualifiers for the finals at the championship in Helsinki.

(Photo: Hawk-Eye technicians check their ball detection systems on Courts No.3 at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club London, England © Getty Images)

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