Weekend Edition: Modern Scourges

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Jonathan Head analyses how the military is cracking down on political life in rural, north-east Thailand. Mary Fitzgerald joins the crowds on the streets of Libya demonstrating against mushrooming militias and governmental chaos. Alan Johnson meets a man who managed to escape the Camorra mafia - even though he grew up inside it. Natasha Breed follows the trail of a bull elephant who went down a dangerous path in Kenya. Alex Renton sees the effects of the roya (coffee rust) blight ravaging the fields of Nicaragua and Central America. And Joanna Robertson, observes the delicate dance of neighbourly offence and defence in Paris's apartment buildings.

(Photo: Leaf of a coffee plant affected by the Roya blight, at a farm in San Ramon, Nicaragua. Credit: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

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FOOC at 60: Memorable Reports

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