Peter Day looks at prices, something most of us encounter every day of the week. From market stalls to luxury brands, Peter asks how manufacturers and retailers decide what prices to charge and how consumers perceive the prices they’re asked to pay. Is it simply a case of supply and demand or is it much more mysterious than that?

(Photo: Bilston Market in the West Midlands. BBC copyright)

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Sun 15 Jun 2014 10:32 GMT

Contributors to this programme

Steve Smith - Founder Poundland, Estates Direct

Bryan Roberts - Kantar Retail

Patrick Barwise - Emeritus professor of Management and Marketing , London Business School

Robert Polet - Former CEO and chairman, Gucci Group

Nancy Puccinelli - Professor and fellow in consumer marketing at Said Business School , Oxford

Paul Dillon - Head of Travel and Transportation practice, Accenture, UK and Ireland


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