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13 Jun 2014 Last updated at 17:15

Welcome to Springwatch 2014

The webcams are no longer live for Springwatch 2014. Thank you for watching with us, it's been a remarkable few weeks! You can scroll down for details of what happened across our various wildlife cams. Don't forget, we're live all summer long online - you can find us on Facebook & Twitter.
  • 12 Jun 2014 20:34:32

    Our last update for Springwatch 2014

    Thank you to all of you that tuned in here over the past three weeks. It has been absolutely fantastic sharing some truly brilliant experiences with you all.  

    The Springwatch 2014 live cameras will be going off air at 9.30pm this evening. But do not fear! Come and join the Springwatch community on Facebook, Twitter and of course the BBC website. Please continue to share your pictures, videos and wildlife experiences. Throughout the summer, we will be continuing to share the action, so stay with us. 
  • 12 Jun 2014 14:41:51

    The last afternoon update!

    The end has come. It's 2.40pm and we (Stephen and Marcus - Story Developer Team 3!) are reaching the end of our last shift. It's been a busy day with team photos, bumper Springwatch Extra programmes and, of course, lots of wonderful wildlife action.
    The swallow chicks are sticking tight, fingers crossed for a live fledge during the show tonight - is that too much to ask?!
    The bitterns have been roaming but keep coming back, we're incredibly lucky that they have remained on the nest throughout the show - what a pair of stars!
    The reed warblers are growing so fast that we could swear they change by the hour. They look like proper little birds now and will no doubt leave the nest shortly after the Springwatch team leave Minsmere.
    We've had a great time watching all the live cameras over the past three weeks and we're sad that it's all over but don't forget that we're live on BBC2 at 8pm with the main show and 9pm with Unsprung.

    Thanks for watching,

    Marcus and Stephen
    BBC Springwatch
    Prepping for tonight's programme - trying to distill, celebrate, share and review three weeks at Minsmere #SpoiltForChoice 8pm!
  • 12 Jun 2014 05:44:31

    The last early morning update!

    We can't believe that it is the last day already! It was another stunning sunrise and a beautiful crisp, clear morning. The overnight team saw some more great mammal action with another appearance from the red deer hind and it's very young fawn. We're being kept on tenterhooks by the swallows and the last green woodpecker - surely they'll go today! The bittern chicks are roaming further and further, each time they leave the nest could be the last so keep your eyes on them as much as possible. As usual, catch all the latest as well as some highlights from the past 3 weeks with Brett Westwood at 7.30am.

    And finally, a huge thank you for all your support and interest over the past 3 weeks, we've really enjoyed not only bringing you some fantastic wildlife, but also entering into conversations with our brilliant audience!

    BBC Springwatch
    Yep! We've had over 25,000 new followers on Facebook and Twitter since #Springwatch began just a few weeks ago! THANK YOU and welcome!
  • 11 Jun 2014 23:37:39

    Wednesday evening update

    It's been another mammal dominated evening, with foxes, badgers, muntjac and red deer all making an appearance. 

    This afternoon we saw our red deer hind bring her very young fawn out, still a bit shaky on his legs. We hoped that we would get another view and weren't disappointed, as it appeared on the infra red cameras later in the evening. 

    On our bird nests, most look ready to fledge, with both the swallow chicks and the final woodpecker chick looking likely to fledge imminently. The bitterns continue to foray for increasing time periods away from the nest and our reed warbler chicks are feathering up well. 

    Web streams are off until the morning, so check back here then, or head over to the BBC2 red button for the live camera throughout the night. 
  • 11 Jun 2014 16:17:38

    Wednesday afternoon update

    It's been a really warm day here at Minsmere.
    The bittern chicks have been leaving the nest for ever longer periods; both were off for over 3 hours at one point.
    The reed warblers are developing really quickly, keep a close eye on their feathers, they're changing by the hour!
    The swallows are almost ready to go as well, the nest is looking very full - fledging imminent!
    And it's the same story in the green woodpecker hole as one chick fledged early this morning but one still remains.
    A red deer has been wandering around the heath all afternoon and there's been a special visitor at the badger spinney sett - tune in tonight at 8pm on BBC2 to find out more!
  • 11 Jun 2014 11:56:04

    The Red Button is undergoing some maintenance today so do not panic if you lose us.

    We'll be online continuously until 23.00 and Euan's Springwatch Extra show will be back on the Red Button at 13.30.
  • 11 Jun 2014 10:23:08

    Wednesday late morning update

    It's 10.30 and the bittern chicks have been off the nest since 07.50 - their longest foray so far! We suspect they are climbing the reeds like the bittern in Robert Horne's photo below.
    The reed warbler and sparrow chicks are still doing well and there is still one more green woodpecker chick waiting to fledge - a full 3 days since the first one left the nest.
    There has been a red deer feeding and resting on heath cam for nearly an hour now.
    Don't forget that Euan McIlwraith will be on the the Red Button and online with the lunchtime show and if you can't watch then make sure you take part in our #WildLunchBreak one hour challenge - let us know what you see!
  • 11 Jun 2014 05:20:23

    Wednesday morning early update

    It's 5.20am and we have just watched a stunning sunrise over a calm and peaceful Minsmere. Our tawny owl camera in the woodland was looking not too dissimilar to this beautiful picture of Badbury woods in Oxfordshire by Philip Selby. Check out our BBC Springwatch Flickr group for more stunning images or find our Facebook page to see photos of some of our most famous Minsmere stars.

    The overnight team have seen mammals galore with fox cubs playing on the heath and red deer wandering through the badger spinney sett. As usual, Brett Westwood will have all the latest updates and a collection of clips from the night shift on his breakfast show at 7.30am.
  • 11 Jun 2014 00:18:02

    Tuesday evening update

    Well, what an evening so far! We've had a mammal frenzy, with red deer, muntjac, young foxes and badgers all showing very well.

    The bittern came in quite late this evening at 21:12, but has stayed to incubate her two chicks for the night, after spending last night away from the nest. Our female reed warbler continues to remain very settled during the night as she broods her four chicks, and our lone goldfinch chick is holding out. The remaining woodpecker chicks are still yet to fledge, so we'll be keeping a close eye on them tomorrow. Our 'busy bees' continue to live up to their name, constantly checking on developing pupae in the colony. Finally, we've confirmed a definite 5 chicks in the swallow nest, which are being fed at the phenomenal rate of 70+ times per hour! Thank you to all those who helped us calculate this feed rate today, and watch out for more feed counts with them tomorrow. 

    The web cams are now offline until the morning. We'll keep you updated with any action that comes in overnight via the Red Button.
  • 10 Jun 2014 16:06:09

    Tuesday afternoon update

    The whitethroats are gone! They took everyone by surprise and fledged at 11.05 this morning. One of the bullfinch chicks has returned to the nest and has been being fed by the adults. The bitterns are getting increasingly brave and have spent more time off the nest than on - they'll be gone for good before long! Keep your eyes on the new swallow camera as the chicks are quite well developed and will be fledging soon as well. And of course, catch up with all the latest news online and on the Red Button with Euan McIlwraith at 16.30.
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