Jonah and Isaiah

Heart and Soul, The Prophets Episode 1 of 2
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Clive Lawton tells the story of two of the most famous Old Testament prophets. In this first part, he starts with Isaiah and the story of Jonah and the whale - or should it be a fish? At one level Jonah's is a knockabout tale of strange events, but at its core it is a story of universal assertions and values, surprising in its inclusivity and judgements. Jonah is a cantankerous character who doesn't seem to fit in with God's plans. And yet he is still called upon to be a prophet.

Clive then profiles Isaiah, the supreme literary prophet - or should that be prophets? There is a dispute about whether Isaiah is one, two or even three distinct personalities, as his story covers several epochs. Clive asks how we would relate to these mythical figures if they were around today and how relevant their thoughts and ideas are in the modern world.

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