Knowsley Hall, Liverpool: Residence, Hospital and Training Ground

Knowsley Hall has been passed through the Stanley family for generations, and as well as a home, the Hall has had many other uses.

During World War One, Edward George Villiers Stanley - the 17th Earl of Derby – was in charge of recruiting for the War Office. He raised the Pals battalions - thousands of men with little or no experience of war signed up to fight – but they had nowhere to go to train. Lord Derby opened up Knowsley Hall to the new recruits

Lord Derby gave over a wing of the house as a military hospital – with space for 100 beds. The Countess of Derby was keen to help female munitions workers, and gave over another part of the Hall as a convalescent home. The grounds were used to cultivate crops to help with food shortages in the local community.

Knowsley Hall opened up its doors once more during that period – at the end of the war - the local peace celebrations were held on the estate with tea, sports, parades and naval rockets being fired.

Location: Knowsley Hall, Liverpool L34 4AN
Photograph taken from the book 'Liverpool Pals' published by Pen and Sword Books, courtesy of Laura Lawton
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