Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Kiev-based journalist Reuben Johnson gives us his view on the situation in Ukraine. He's currently at a defence systems expo in Singapore, where Ukrainian and Russian delegates are competing for sales.
Bolivia's President Evo Morales presents papers to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, demanding the return of land claimed by Chile after the 1870 war; land which would give landlocked Bolivians access to the sea once more. But what do ordinary Bolivians think? We find out. And Rob Cameron meets two young men from Prague who plan to travel the length of the River Elba - some 900 kilometres - aboard a giant pedalo made from re-purposed drinks bottles. Madness? You decide.
We get the latest on China's GDP figures from our correspondent in Beijing.
Journalist Natasha Vargas Cooper in California and analyst David Kuo in Singapore discuss the power of significant, transformational and just plain embarrassing personal stories. Also on the agenda: David's dream haircut and Natasha's desire to see the world's dictators once more sporting prominent moustaches.

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