Speen, Buckinghamshire: The Horse Trust

More than one million horses were used by British soldiers in World War One, with fewer than 65,000 returning home.

They played an important role in the war effort and in 1914, The Horse Trust gifted the first motorised horse ambulance to the Army Veterinary Corps. This proved so useful in moving injured horses from the battlefields for treatment that 13 more were procured for use on the Western Front.

The role that horses played in the conflict has been brought to the attention of new generations by the author Michael Morpurgo, in his book ‘War Horse’.

At the end of the war, The Horse Trust took its first military veterans. It still welcomes military horses today after they have completed their duties.

Location: The Horse Trust, Speen HP27 0PP
Image of horses at The Horse Trust, courtesy of The Horse Trust

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