Afghan Presidential Election

As Afghans prepare to go to the polls, we speak to Noah Coburn, author of Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan, who is in Kabul.

Collapsing in Cambodia: why workers at garment factories in Southeast Asia are fainting en masse - sometimes as many as 300 at a time.

Charlie Herman, business and economics editor at WNYC, and Anne Bagamery, IHT europe editor, discuss the week's events, including the sensational resignation of Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, and the controversial publication of Michael Lewis' latest book, Flash Boys, which lifts the lid on the Wall Street practice known as high frequency trading. And we'll hear from Father Slawomir Kostrzewa, parish priest in the west Polish town of Wolsztyn, who says Lego is a tool of Satan. Lego, he says, leads children to the dark side.

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