A hero in Rwanda; a nuclear dilemma in France

Mark Doyle pays homage to one brave man, a Senegalese peacekeeper for the United Nations, who saved hundreds of Rwandans from the 1994 genocide. Capt Mbaye Diagne, he remembers, "always seemed to be moving half a pace faster than everyone around him", and some of the people he protected still say they owe their lives to his heroism. In France's Champagne country, Rob Broomby goes underground to visit a giant atomic waste depository - and explores the dilemmas of how to keep future generations away from dangerously radioactive material. It could be centuries, or even millennia, before the dump is exposed again: so will a warning note, written on paper and in French, be safe enough?
Presenter: Pascale Harter
Producer: Polly Hope
Photo: Captain Mbaye Diagne ((c) RNW Africa)

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Thu 3 Apr 2014 19:50 GMT

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