Turkey’s Social Media Ban and a Saudi First Kiss

Over the last week, events on social media moved fast in Turkey as first Twitter then YouTube were blocked under a controversial new internet law. Mukul Devichand has been late night tweeting to get the latest and speaks to journalist Solchuk Goltasli to find out more.

BBC Trending also catches up with the women behind a new Facebook campaign in Ukraine. The group are raising money for the military by selling t-shirts with the provocative slogan ‘Don’t Give It to a Russian’. Plus comedian Hatoon Kadi tells us what’s really behind the Saudi Arabian parody of the trending video ‘First Kiss’, and why YouTube is so big in the country.

Mukul Devichand is joined in the studio by BBC Arabic’s Mai Noman, BBC Digital Consultant Esra Dogramaci and down the line from Kiev in Ukraine is Masha Kondrachuk from BBC Monitoring.

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