Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370: two route theories

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, co-editor of Airchive.com, an online air industry journal and Alastair Rosenschein a former British Airways captain who trains young pilots; spoke to Nicky Campbell about contrasting theories on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Commenting on speculation that the Boeing 777 plane may have flown for four hours after its last confirmed location, Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren said this “widens the search exponentially”:

“Based on a 550 mph cruise speed that would put it somewhere within a 2200 nautical mile range, that includes most of India, Inner Mongolia, parts of Australia; that just widens the search exponentially.”

Alastair Rosenschein presented his theory about that aircraft which disappeared with 239 people on-board, en-route to Beijing on March 7th.

He said the plane “may have suffered a depressurisation”, been put on autopilot, possibly back towards Kuala Lumpur airport, and ended up “somewhere around the mid Indian Ocean, which is thousands of miles from where they are looking at present.”

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