The Ambitious Korea

South Korea has rapidly become one of the most advanced internet connected places in the world, with the fastest connections. Early on, it was the government that identified the benefits this would have for businesses and invested significantly in the infrastructure needed. This meant South Koreans were early adopters of voip-calling, a forefather of services such as Skype, and created the first social network in the world. But, they say, they failed to export these businesses because the rest of the world’s internet was too slow.

Korea is now focusing on 5G or fifth generation mobile – aiming to be world leaders in this technology by 2020. It would enable movies to be downloaded in a second for example and transmit live holograms of people.

Another sector the South Korean government is hedging its bets on as an area of growth is service robotics. This programme explores the brave new world of robots looking after autistic children and dementia patients, as well as being a common feature in our homes.

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Contributors to this programme

Youngnam Han

Professor of Electrical Engineering at KAIST, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Chairman of the Korea 5G Forum



Alex Jinsung Choi

Executive Vice President R&D Division, SK Telecom



Hyun-Sub Park

Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology



Kim Mun Sang

Principal Researcher, Centre for Bionics at KIST, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology



Dr IH Luke Park

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kyungpook National University



Ryew Sung Moo

Chief Technical Officer, KNR Systems



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