Formula 1 Revealed: Behind Bernie

To mark the start of the F1 season we profile Bernie Ecclestone with biographer Tom Bower. Whilst Sporting Witness retells the story of former driver Alex Zanardi on crashing and then the comeback in to other sports.

Refugee Cricket
A team of Tamil asylum seekers are being tipped to win an amateur T20 tournament in Sydney. Unable to work and waiting anxiously for a decision on their futures, cricket is helping them cope with a life in limbo and the threat of deportation.

Irish Eye Smiling
Ian McKinley will watch Ireland take on France in the 6 Nations on Saturday thinking what might have been. Once touted as future Irish international, in 2010 the Leinster fly-half suffered an injury that eventually led to the loss of sight in one eye. His career ended. He now wears state of the art goggles that have enabled him play again at Italian side Leonorso.

Ultra Woman
The "Ultraman Triathlon" includes a 10 kilometre swim, 450 Kilometre bike ride and an 85 Kilometre run. Only 29 athletes finished the race. We'll here from Amy Palmiero-Winters the first para athlete male or female to complete the task.

Paralympics Sochi
Canada’s Beniot Hout joins us from Sochi to discuss his idea of moving the Paralympics to before the Olympics and why he feels his gold medals are not worth as much as Olympic gold medals.

Jess Creighton from the women’s football tournament in Cyprus.

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