Pizza party

Ben is keen to improve his French and links up online with friends who are in a supermarket in Marseille. We follow Ingrid, Lili, Thibaud and Ulysse as they wander round selecting ingredients for pizzas. The girls choose traditional pizza ingredients – des champignons, des oignons, des œufs, du fromage, du saucisson. However, Thibaud and Ulysse are putting some unusual pizza ingredients in their basket – des bananes, du chocolat, des bonbons, de la Chantilly. We meet them later on in the kitchen as they prepare their pizzas. Ben looks on with great interest and takes the opportunity to practise his food vocabulary. He is making his own pizza in his kitchen in the UK. Everyone enjoys their pizzas once they are cooked although Ben has put too many chilies on his and needs a drink to cool down.

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5 minutes

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