Ukraine's New Economic Minister on His Plans

Pavlo Sheremeta, Ukraine's newly appointed economy minister tells us that he is prepared to engage with Russia. He explains his plans for the country and how he intends to steer Ukraine out of economic troubles.

The Dalai Lama speaks to technology businesses in Silicon Valley about the importance mindfulness in the workplace. Alison van Diggelen, host of radio programme Fresh Dialogues in San Francisco talked to the Dalai Lama and shares his thoughts with Simon Littlewood, President at Asia Now Consulting Group in Shanghai.

And as Germany's leader Angela Merkel visits Britain. We discuss the future of the UK in the EU with Lord Liddle, the adviser on European affairs to the former UK prime minister Tony Blair.

And, are you the sort of person who only buys what they need in the supermarket, and never throws food out because it's gone off or past it's sell-by date? New data from the World Bank says a quarter to a third of all food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted. We talk to Tristram Stuart a campaigner on food waste, about what we can do to cut down on food waste - his campaign is called Feeding the Five Thousand.

If you've ever bought a property you've probably had to put up with false flattery from an estate agent keen to persuade you to part with huge sums of cash. But in Japan, some in the house-selling profession are being accused of taking that flattery a step too far. A group of single people say they were tricked into buying properties by agents who pretended to be interested in them romantically. We hear that they've launched legal action and want 200 million yen ($1.95 million) in compensation.

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