UAE Breastfeeding Law

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The United Arab Emirates may be passing a mandatory breastfeeding clause as part of their new Child Rights Law. The clause is not completely clear, but it initially appears that mothers would have to breastfeed a child for the first two years of their life. Could wives be sued by their husbands if they do not follow this law, or have to find alternative provision such as a wet nurse? Marie-Claire Bakker, a representative of La Leche League International in Abu Dhabi, takes us through the story and its impact locally in UAE. Dr Catarina Casinovas from the WHO reviews how countries around the world are getting on with helping mothers to meet the WHO recommendation of exclusive breast feeding for six months.

Identical Twins Feel Pain Differently
Researchers have found that identical twins feel pain differently. These twins are generally genetically identical, and so it seems likely that environmental factors are causing their different perceptions of pain. And in fact, it seems that the different environmental conditions that the twins have been exposed to have, in turn, caused differences in the way the twins’ identical genes are working - a system called our epigenome. Marnie Chester speaks to study author professor Tim Spector from Kings College London to find out more. Could the way we live affect the pain we feel?

Effects of Overpraising Children
Praising children with low self-esteem may seem like a good way to boost their confidence, but a study by psychologist Eddie Brummelman of Utrecht University suggests that this can backfire and make them less likely to take on new challenges.

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