What is being said about you online?

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps. (Weblinks for all the sites featured are at the bottom of the page.)

If you want to know what is being said about you online try Mention, a free online app that lets you set up key words or phrases to keep an eye out for across all the popular social platforms as well as forums, blogs and general web pages indexed by Google.

If all that seems a bit narcissistic and you just want a quick way to check whether you have said anything really silly on Twitter, FireMeApp offers a fun and simple service that will check back through your posts to judge how likely your comments are to get you fired.

Beat the Buzzword is a brand new social challenge game that is the first to be released on business networking platform LinkedIn. The idea is to guess the business buzz word based on a short description.

We are used to our phones telling us where we are, but there is a lot of be said for just getting lost sometimes. That is the premise behind iPhone app Drift, which sets a treasure-hunt style location quest that will send you wandering around on a random adventure.

In a similar vein and also only on iPhone is Photodash. This app is a race to complete the photo challenges, either against a friend or a random opponent.

Is there a cosmic speed limit? Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests we cannot travel faster than light - or does it? This week thanks to Veritasium we find out.

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