Insuring Against Extreme Weather

Insurers count the cost of climate change, but do they always pass it on to consumers? And are premiums set to keep on rising as extreme weather events become more frequent? Dr Robert Hartwig from the Insurance Information Institute answers these and other questions, while Phil Mercer in Sydney and Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo bring us the latest on the extreme weather affecting Australia and Japan.

As Scotland contemplates independence, we hear from the Foreign Minister of Catalonia on his own region's struggle for nationhood. In New Jersey, investment strategist and author Daniel Strachman talks about greed, motivation and accountability, and tells us why he's a volunteer ambulance driver in his home town of Fanwood.

In London, Simon Littlewood, President of Asia Now Consulting Group, talks about fashion and sustainability and wonders why his 15-year-old son doesn't wash his clothes as often as the rest of us.

And Dr John Coates, Wall Street trader turned medical researcher, explains the hormonal reason behind the credit crunch of 2008.

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