NSA Under Surveillance

The European Commission’s Vice-President, Viviane Reding, is a vehement advocate of the need for better procedures to ensure data protection of individuals – not just of European citizens but of us all. She hopes to establish a gold standard and a uniformity of legislation that will allow us to feel more secure that our data will not be disseminated and used without our consent. She joins Click to discuss the furore over the NSA spying on innocent citizens; the USA’s promises to curb data surveillance of non-US citizens; and legislation to reform Europe’s own data protection laws.

Turkey’s Internet Clampdown
The Turkish city Istanbul has seen riot police in clashes with protesters who have been demonstrating against government legislation to tighten its control of the internet. Turkey already has some of the tightest controls in the world. The new regulations have drawn condemnation both nationally and internationally. The government argues the controls are to protect privacy and family life. But as Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul, the latest measures come as the government is mired in legal corruption allegations.

3D Help for Stroke Recovery
Tools and techniques more used for 3D animation in the cinema have been employed by researchers in Sweden to help the recovery of people who have suffered strokes. The motion capture technology has enabled therapists to monitor the minute improvements and changes in the range of the patient’s mobility after a stroke. Margit Alt Murphy tells Click about the life-changing potential of her research.

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