Too Much Information

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Data: do we need to store so much of it? Who should control it? Should we - the individuals, the customers, the bloggers and the tweeters - have the power to say, 'Stop'? Should we be handed back control of our own information?

Mark Whittaker visits The Eisenhower Centre, a Recall data storage facility deep beneath the streets of central London.
Alan Perkins, CTO of data storage specialists Rackspace, and Ken Cukier, The Economist's data editor and co-author of the book Big Data join us in the studio.

From Bangalore Santosh Nair, owner and managing director of Analytic Edge, which examines and interprets data on behalf of big name clients worldwide.

We'll also hear from Max Wallace, owner of the business directories.

(Photo credit: Recall Ltd 2014)

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Fri 7 Feb 2014 01:06 GMT

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