Brand Beckham United

David Beckham announces he has bought a football franchise in Miami. Celebrated Miami Herald sports columnist Greg Cote tells us what it will mean for the city and whether he thinks Beckham has the star power to succeed. Also, Google does a deal with the European Commission over its alleged 'abuse of dominance'. The internet titan promises to promote its rivals or pay a multi-billion euro fine. The Wall Street Journal's Vanessa Mock explains all.

In our Seoul bureau, Jean Lee - the first woman to set up a news bureau in North Korea - explains what life is like north of the 38th parallel. And, in San Francisco, radio host Alison van Diggelen talks about Tesla Motors, fossil fuels and climate change.
The BBC's Celia Hatton reports from Beijing on China's new strain of bird flu. Plus, jubilation in India following Satya Nadella's appointment to the top job at Microsoft.

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