John Simpson on interview with Afghan Taliban spokesman

5 live caller Adam in Norwich, asked BBC world affairs correspondent John Simpson; “are the Taliban aware of just how much it is in their interest to behave and not to go back to the old days, if they do get the chance?” in relation to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

John Simpson replied that he spoke to the Taliban spokesman, who "seemed to say no, there will be no change, we will have to reintroduce the full force of Sharia law".

John Simpson continued: "It was that full force, added to a kind of ‘gangsterism’ that made them so bitterly, bitterly unpopular when they were in control from 1996 – 2001. If that is the line they’re taking, and it’s not just for public consumption, which is a possibility, then I think they won’t come back."

Richard Bacon asked if that would include “being beaten up for flying a kite and carrying photos and playing music", John Simpson replied: "That's what the spokesman said, in effect they would be doing, yes, they’ll reintroduce all those rules and laws which made people’s lives hideously dangerous and miserable before."

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