Ep. 8 Best Friends

We meet a young girl called Melody and her mum. Melody is sad because she has lost her best friend Fudge, a cuddly toy. Melody and her mum retrace her steps in order to find the toy. They ask a number of neighbours if they have seen Fudge but unfortunately they cannot help. Melody asks her mum for some music that will make her feel stronger. She listens to Gustav Holst’s ‘Jupiter’ from The Planets. As Melody listens to the music, she is transported into an animated world. She starts to imagine a story about best friends, in response to the music. A little dog and an elephant are best friends. One day, the king of the land decides he needs a new pet and chooses the elephant. The elephant lives in luxury and is looked after by servants. The little dog thinks that the elephant does not need him as a friend anymore and leaves. After a while, the elephant realises that she misses her best friend and feels sad and lonely. The vet confirms that the elephant is suffering from loneliness. The king sends for the little dog and the two best friends are reunited.

The music makes Melody happy and she soon finds Fudge. The music made Melody think of two best friends.

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