How do You Breathe in Beijing?

China's rapid industrialisation causes pollution in Beijing. Churned out by the country's coal-burning power plants, factories and millions of vehicles, the amount of pollution in the capital is now many times the level considered safe by the World Health Organisation. We get the latest morning air report from Barbara Demick, Beijing Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles Times. We talk live to Google Glass-wearer Cecilia Abadie, as she walks away from a landmark courtcase, clearing her of wrongdoing for driving whilst wearing her Google Glass headset. And we're in conversation with James Percelay, co-founder of Thinkmodo. He is the creator of advertising stunts that have become viral videos YouTube, with the latest ‘scary baby’ used to promote a film about a devil-possessed baby. Jyoti Malhotra joins from New Delhi.

Picture: Pedestrians cross a road on a hazy day in Beijing, Credit: Reuters

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