Consumer Electronic Show

Even smarter mobile phones and invisible wearable technologies compete for attention at the annual mega technology show, CES, in Las Vegas. Rory Cellan-Jones reports on how rapidly the world is changing with smart phones – almost every product is a smart phone or linked to a smart phone, allowing for increasingly sophisticated connected homes. There’s news of the development of drones allowing for bird’s-eye views of a city from your smart phone. And reflection on whether the world of 3D printing is on the cusp of consumer viability.

Deep Learning Technology, its advocates say, has the potential to revolutionise face recognition. You might have hundreds of images on your smart phone or camera or computer but will you ever get round to looking at them? There is no easy way to search for what you are looking for. That could change with research into deep learning and the development of software and neural networks that will enable devices such as phones to recognise your face. Click hears from Professor Eugenio Culurciello about the applications of deep learning.

Gamification has become synonymous with employing video-type games to make your life more enjoyable and like a game. Orin Gordon reports on how some gamers are determined to make their lives more of a challenge by gamifying them. With wearable technologies increasingly being used, the screen and the console are no longer essential when playing such games. But big business is also looking to cash in on the trend, employing the techniques of gamification to lure in and retain potential consumers.

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