Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

An abridgement of Michael Morpurgo's moving story 'Private Peaceful' in 13 episodes.

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Private Peaceful - Episode summaries

Episode 1:
Private Thomas Peaceful - 'Tommo' - begins the recollection of his short life to date. He remembers his school days - shared with his elder brother, Charlie, and their friend, Molly - and the circumstances of his father's death, for which he blames himself.

Episode 2:
Tommo continues his recollection of his young life: in particular how the death of his father means that his mother must accept a job at the Big House from the Colonel, which in turn leads to his great aunt Wolf coming to stay.

Episode 3:
Tommo remembers how hardship led him and his brother, Charlie, to go poaching on the Colonel's land; also the cruelty of 'the Wolfwoman' to their brother, Big Joe and how Molly fell seriously ill.

Episode 4:
Tommo remembers how Charlie and he are caught poaching on the Colonel's land; how Charlie and Molly move from school to work at the Big House; how one day Tommo sees Charlie and Molly holding hands.

Episode 5:
Tommo recalls another confrontation with the Colonel and his pain at the deepening relationship between Charlie and Molly.

Episode 6:
One day Tommo's brother Big Joe goes missing and the whole village turns out to help with the search.

Episode 7:
Molly comes to stay with the Peaceful family and in the nearby town of Hatherleigh Tommo sees the army recruiting for volunteers. Suddenly the war seems much closer.

Episode 8:
Tommo's recollection focuses on his military training alongside Charlie; their journey to France; life under Sergeant 'Horrible' Hanley and punishment for insubordination.

Episode 9:
Tommo recalls how Charlie and he are posted to the front-line trenches. Once at the Front the brothers are part of a night patrol sent to capture a German prisoner.

Episode 10:
Tommo and the rest of the company are posted to the trenches in Ypres. Tommo describes a two-day bombardment, at the end of which the company are first attacked and then mount a counter-attack.

Episode 11:
The episode begins with a gas attack and the company sustains a number of casualties. Later Tommo shares his last letters from home, including one sent by Charlie while still away on leave.

Episode 12:
Tommo regains consciousness on the battlefield. When Sgt Hanley orders the company to resume their attack Charlie refuses on the grounds that he must care for Tommo.

Episode 13:
Tommo's recollection of past events ends with his description of his final meeting with Charlie. Then, at one minute to six, the past becomes the present and Tommo's story moves to its painful conclusion.

Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes

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