Thailand and India

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Over ninety people died on the streets of Bangkok in 2010, most of them killed by the Thai army, during a period of prolonged political turmoil. There were mass demonstrations and the bloody state crackdown became known as 'Cruel April' in the Thai press. Now there are protests in Thailand again. Jonathan Head explains why today's crisis is more peaceful, but politically very reminiscent of the last one.

India and the world were shocked by the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student in Delhi a year ago. The young woman later died of her injuries. The rape, death and initial police indifference were far from unusual, but this time they caused headlines, soul-searching and much debate in India. As part of that discussion, our correspondent Rupa Jha decided to share her own story of being sexually abused as a child, generating a huge response from our listeners and BBC News website readers. In the week of the anniversary, here is another chance to hear it.

(Photo: Thai protesters demonstrating, waving flags. Credit: Rufus Cox/Getty Images)

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