In Holy Footsteps

In Jerusalem, Jake Wallis Simons visits the site of Temple Mount, sacred to both Judaism and Islam, with a controversial rabbi who would like to build a 'Third Temple' there. This is a spot with history - perhaps too much of it, not just religious (it is also the third holiest site in Islam) but also political (when recent visits by Jewish hardliners sparked a violent Palestinian backlash). At the moment, even Jewish prayer is banned from the site - but the rabbi's 'Temple Institute' has other plans for the future. In eastern Turkey there is less human conflict, but rather more physical challenge, as Bob Walker treks the gruelling St Paul trail which follows in the apostle's footsteps from Perga to Antioch. He survives the wolves (and the sheepdogs), glories in the hospitality, but finds that few Turks remember or even recognise the name of St Paul today.

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