Mauritania and France

A huge refugee camp in the Mauritanian Sahara is home to thousands who fled violence in Mali, or drought. While this situation is tragic for those involved, especially nomads who lost their animals and their livelihood, it is a boon for others. As Chris Terrill finds out, armed Islamic groups find that drought works as a very efficient recruitment sergeant.

In France, there was a big anti-racism march from Lyon all the way to the capital Paris 30 years ago. The final stage was attended by over 100,000 people, and now the march has become the subject of a new film. David Chazan went to the premiere where he met the man who organised the original demonstration. David finds him optimistic, as much has changed for the better for those of immigrant backgrounds. But at a new, much smaller anti-racism demonstration, the mood is different. Those who remember the original 1983 march find that things are worse now, as it is more acceptable in France to express racist views.

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