US teenager says head injury revealed musical talent

Lachlan Connors from Denver, Colorado, who suffered a head injury whilst playing American football, woke up to discover he had the ability to play musical instruments.

We speak to him, his mother Elsie and his doctor Dr Spero Papadopoulos, who explains how this could happen.

Mr Connors, who can now play 13 instruments including the guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and the bagpipes, says he only needs a few minutes to learn a new instrument:

"I would just kind of pick them up and after messing with them for five to ten minutes, I could play some sort of song on them".

Mr Connors says he experienced a temporal lobe concussion, which temporarily gave him epilepsy:

"I actually landed on the back of my head while playing American football and it damaged the sides of my brain and it gave me epilepsy...the epilepsy has faded away and now I am just left with this fun with music."

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