China announces economic reforms

China announces a loosening up of its markets, but is it for the long term?

A quarter of a century of Fair Trade, but are consumers getting what they think they're paying for? We talk to Peter D'Angremond, executive director of the Max Havelaar Foundation - the Dutch organisation behind the Fair Trade certification mark. He'll be responding to accusations that the money Fairtrade generates fails to improve the lot of many farmers.

Even the rich are sneaking off down to the pawn-brokers these days - but they've got more stuff than the rest of us according to a report by Mike Johnson.

We get a sneak preview of Bob Dylan's latest work in an art gallery in London. But it's not what you'd expect...this isn't his latest music, it's his latest sculptures from his passion for welding.

And anthropologist Doctor Adrian Hearn is live with us from Sydney on the social challenges and opportunities arising from Asia-Pacific economic integration.

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