The War Doctor

The ‘War Doctor’ was a choice made by the Eighth Doctor. After crash-landing on Karn he was helped by that planet’s mysterious Sisterhood and Ohila allowed him to influence his next regeneration. Who or what did he wish to become? The Doctor made his decision quickly… ‘Warrior!’

Fact titleFact data
Also known as: Granddad
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Random ‘Yes!’ Moment: Storming the Black Archive with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors
Fact! In The Night of the Doctor we glimpse a much younger looking ‘War Doctor’.
First Appearance: The Name of the Doctor
Regenerated: The Day of the Doctor

Following the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration on Karn, the Time Lord gazed at his own reflection and declared, ‘Doctor, no more!’ He then fought in the Time War, seeing death and devastation and finally proclaiming: No more! He took the Moment – a terrifyingly powerful sentient weapon - with the intention of ending the conflict, despite the carnage it would cause…

What I did, I did without choice…The Doctor

After he believed he had taken this drastic course of action, he defended his tactics to the Eleventh Doctor. ‘What I did, I did without choice,’ he explained. ‘…in the name of peace and sanity.’

Despite his experiences, he could be an appealing and gentle figure. He charmed Clara and despite a bumpy start he ended up getting on rather well with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. He seemed surprised by their informality (“Timey wimey?”) but he possessed a youthfulness that Clara immediately recognised. After her intervention, the Doctors launched a plan which meant they would not have to use the Moment. Despite this redemption, the War Doctor thought he would not remember taking this new course of action, yet when he bid farewell to his future selves he knew in his hearts he had done the right thing…

Inside his TARDIS the familiar regeneration glow began to appear... Quoting the First Doctor, he murmured that his body was wearing thin… A change was coming…

The War Doctor

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