Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald is the impossible girl. The woman ‘twice dead’. One of the most enigmatic figures the Doctor has ever encountered…. And she’s got a great line in put downs, as he’s already discovered.

Fact titleFact data
Home Planet: Earth (apparently!)
Fact! The Doctor met Clara when she was much younger in this prequel…
Latest Appearance: The Time of the Doctor

It takes a lot to bamboozle the Doctor but Clara Oswald has definitely got the knack! She looks and sounds like the Clara he met in Victorian London, but she died… Didn’t she? And what links her to the former Junior Entertainment Manager of the starship Alaska – the ally he encountered on the Dalek asylum? So many questions, but for the moment at least, the Doctor is just looking forward to traveling with this sparky young woman who insists on calling the TARDIS his “snog box”…

It’s never about the security… It’s about the people.Clara

Clara helps look after Artie and Angie Maitland, giving their dad a hand following the death of their mother. She still intends to travel, though, and has always kept her old book – 101 Places to See – leafing through it and dreaming of destinations that are waiting. And talking of leafing, it was a leaf that brought her parents together… a single leaf that fluttered into someone’s face and set in motion a string of events that has involved so much love, heartache, adventure and mystery… 

Clara is cheeky, kind, witty and stands up to the Doctor when she thinks she knows best. But she’s also an optimist, a dreamer… She’s about to see a universe that she never knew existed and will tear through time and space in the TARDIS. How will she cope with all the adventures ahead? Well, as the Doctor himself murmured about her, ‘You don’t run out on people you care about…’ And if she’s traveling with the Time Lord, that’s the best starting point imaginable!

Clara Oswald

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