Transform Africa

African leaders and technologists recently gathered at Kigali in Rwanda to take the temperature of the IT industry and internet penetration on the continent. Nisha Ligon reports from the Transform Africa summit to hear how delegates are setting a new agenda for Africa to leapfrog development challenges through the use and uptake of broadband and related services.

Startup Battlefield
Silicon Valley was the birthplace of the startup and has pretty much had the monopoly on talent and money. But other cities are starting to put up stiff competition. Last week TechCrunch Disrupt - probably the most important tech event in the calendar - came to Europe for the first time. From Berlin, a select group of young European startups were sent to a panel of big US and international investors to battle it out for cash and the disrupt cup.

They may be dead for more than a hundred years but that does not stop inspiring figures from taking to the floor at the xHumed event in the English city of Birmingham. Click hears how technologies such as Twitter and digital projection mapping is bringing the likes of H.G. Wells back to life for dead good thinking.

(Photo credit: Young people browsing the Internet in a cybercafe in Africa © AFP/Getty Images)

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