Origins of SARS

Two viruses found in horseshoe bats have been shown to be closely related to human SARS and infect cells in the same way. This means that the virus is likely to have transferred directly from bats to humans.

Moon Dust
You would expect moon dust to be roughly the same as dust we know. But the Apollo astronauts discovered it was sticky and got into everything. NASA's LADEE mission has just arrived at the Moon to find out more about the dust.

Dark Matter
LUX, the Large Underground Xenon experiment deep in a mine in South Dakota, has announced it has not detected a popular candidate for dark matter, low mass WIMPs.

Genetics Role in Alzheimer's
Eleven new genes have been discovered to have a link to Alzheimer's bringing the total up to 21, following a huge international collaborative project. We look at what this research means for our understanding of Alzheimer's and how it could influence treatments.

(Photo: The Chinese horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus sinicus, host of a new SARS-like coronavirus that is able to use the human ACE2 receptor - Credit: Dr Libiao Zhang, Guangdong Entomological Institute/South China Institute of Endangered Animals)

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Gravitational Waves

'Ripples' from black holes detected

Gravity and ripples in the fabric of space time - what do these mean for us?