Young and Jobless

The jobs crisis facing young people shows no sign of abating with new evidence suggesting more young people are out of work than ever before.
Every month new figures come out showing that there are more young people without work than ever before. Together with other developed economies, the youth unemployment rate in the European Union has risen by a quarter since the global banking crisis of 2008.

In Italy, the rate is more than 40%. But that number is distorted by the fact that a lot of supposedly unemployed young Italians are actually working cash-in-hand on the black market. Many say these are the only jobs they can get and that Italy's youth are looking at a life off the books. Hugh Pym travels to Umbria in Italy to find out what the young are doing about it.

Plus, should older workers give up their jobs to make room for the young? Theodore Sparreboom from The International Labour Organisation says it's not that simple.

And as fast food giant McDonald's and Heinz ketchup end their relationship Matt Wells offers his thoughts on the end of a corporate partnership.

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