Unemployment as a Health Issue

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new campaign to try and encourage European governments to focus on health rather than economic indicators. They say youth unemployment has great consequences for the health of those affected, leading to depression and even suicide. In a wide ranging report linking health to economic factors they say attention needs to be paid to education in childhood and addressing the needs of socially vulnerable people.

Portuguese Doctors in Mozambique
The economic downturn in Portugal is even affecting doctors – with competition for jobs. However many are finding gainful employment in Mozambique. This has created resentment from Mozambique’s doctors – who are usually paid less than their Portuguese counterparts. The Mozambique works ministry is now trying to implement measures to limit the number of foreign doctors able to work there. However, for the medical authorities this presents something of a dilemma. They say the Portuguese doctors are often better qualified than locals, meaning they bring valuable skills and training, hence the pay discrepancy. Currently applications for work in Mozambique from Portuguese doctors are on the rise.

Fizzy Drinks in Mexico
Mexico is planning to introduce a 10% tax on soft drinks. Local research suggests Mexico has the largest consumption of soft drinks per head of population in the world. The consumption of high sugar drinks is associated with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Mexico considers the medical threat of these so great that it plans to tax soft drinks and - in a related measure - junk food.

Picture: Unemployment queue, UK. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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