Optimal Migration

Just who - if anyone - should be responsible for the millions of people who go in search of better economic opportunities every year? We speak to Professor Paul Collier, the author of a new book called Exodus, who argues the rich world has a duty towards the developing world - a duty not to drain it of its best and brightest talent. Prof Collier says the policy debate should not be about the rights and wrongs of migration - but about how it is best managed.

Also in the programme, advertising executive and blogger Dave Trott serves up a short history of the Michelin Guide. Hear how a book that was written to promote tyres - ended up as the guage for the best of French food instead.

Plus, what will fuel South Korea's energy needs over the next 20 years? Is the country falling out of love with nuclear and flirting with coal power instead? The BBC's Lucy Williams reports from Seoul.

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