Internet of Things

The next technological revolution is coming with The Internet of Things. The promise is that all aspects of modern life will be connected through the internet. In the future your mobile phone will be increasingly your gateway to life – allowing you to connect, turn on/off and adjust gadgets remotely. Imagine a world where you’ll be able to put on the cooker from your place of work, so that you meal is ready for you when you get home. Welcome to The Internet of Things. But how will all of our devices be connected and talk to each other? A number of companies are working on that conundrum. Adam Dunkels from Thingsquare joins Click to discuss his vision of The Internet of Things.

Fair Electronics: Fairphone
If you go to your local supermarket, you may find fairtrade coffee, fairtrade bananas, or fairtrade honey. There are even fairtrade sports balls, cotton, and gold. But what about fair electronics? In the Netherlands, a company is claiming to be producing the world’s first 'fair' phone. Cíntia Taylor reports from Amsterdam on how it doesn’t stop here - several initiatives are gearing up towards stocking up shelves in the future with, at least, fairer electronic goods.

Are you fed up with the thought of throwing away your mobile phone, adding to a landfill site after only two years of use? Don’t you wish the screen was bigger or smaller on your phone, or the touch pad brighter or more discreet? Would you like to be able to get a tool-kit to repair your phone when it went wrong, or to customise it so that it had a longer lasting battery? That is the dream of the designer behind a new concept called Phoneblok. Dave Hakkens tells Click how he hopes to turn the idea into a reality.

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