Nairobi: Reporting Terror

A fresh look at the week's global news from across the World Service's 27 language sections, with presenter David Amanor.

Reporting Terror
Dodging bullets on live TV: BBC Africa's Anne Soy on reporting from the Westgate shopping mall siege in Nairobi.
What is it like to interview Al Shabab right after you've covered a story about their victims? Journalistic dilemmas and difficult times for Frenny Jowi in Nairobi and Mohammed Moalimu in Mogadishu.
Tell a story first, deal with your emotions later: the BBC's Serena Chaudhry on how she saw a familiar face among the victims in the Westgate mall, but had to continue editing the footage until the end of her shift.

UN Dos and Don'ts
Snubs, counter-snubs, gaffes and hasty diversions along the UN General Assembly corridors. And who has time to listen to an eight hour speech? We take the Fifth floor microphone to BBC Russian's Famil Ismailov, BBC Mundo Natalio Cosoy, South Asia editor Kumar Malhotra, BBC Persian's Mohammad Vaziri and BBC Africa's Rachael Akidi

Ladakh International Film Festival
How far would you go to watch a good movie, or how high? A unique international film festival in Ladakh welcomed guests almost 11,000 feet above sea level. Vandna Vijay from BBC Hindi describes breathtaking movies and oxygen masks.

Mythology versus journalism
A big mining company wants to start digging in a place regarded as sacred by the inhabitants of India's Niyamgiri hills. Faisal Mohammed Ali from BBC Hindi reports on his struggle to get anyone to speak to him thanks to a local superstition in Orissa State.

Online greatest hits
Fifi Haroon with some of the most quirky, salacious, seditious and seductive stories from the BBC's language service websites.

Picture: Anne Soy, BBC Correspondent in Nairobi, reporting from the Westgate shopping mall attack

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