China Worries

Should we be worried about China? The country suffers from seemingly endemic corruption, as well as a ballooning debt-load.

As China's new leadership seeks to stamp out the private acquisition of public money - including the sentencing this week of the disgraced Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai - we speak to the man behind the country's first-ever anti-graft university course. Human Rights Watch says that Bo's trial, held in secret, failed to offer him due process, give justice to victims or even to dig up the truth.

And we speak to Andrew Colquhoun of the rating agency Fitch about why his firm believes that China is still failing to rein in the the country's big industries and construction companies, who are wracking up mountains of debt in their drive to achieve breakneck economic growth.

Also in the programme, part three of Lucy Kellaway's history of the office looks at the invention of the career ladder.

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