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Subglacial Lakes, Stem cells, Discrimination in Parkinson’s

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Sunday 15 September 2013

Pine Island Glacier Melting
Scientists are about to embark on a mission to get to one the remotest places on Earth - the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. The glacier, nicknamed PIG, drains about 10% of ice sliding off the west of the continent, and has seen a marked thinning and a surge in velocity in recent decades. Its contribution to sea level rise is now greater than any other glacier on the planet. The British Antarctic Survey-led team hopes its iStar project will provide new insights into the PIG's behaviour.

Reprogramming Adult Cells to Stem Cells
Adult cells, like those of the kidney, stomach, intestine and pancreas, all show signs of being reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells within living mice. It was unclear whether the environment within living organisms might be conducive to reprogramming, but the work shows this approach is feasible and may have implications in regenerative medicine.

Virtual Fireworks
Virtual fireworks will be lighting up the English seaside at the Brighton Digital Festival. The multi-coloured virtual pyrotechnics are projected onto a massive screen using state of the art projectors and lasers. These digital fireworks are more than just your typical show: the audience is fully in control of the experience, using their judgement and creativity to decide which fireworks are triggered and when. Each show is uniquely choreographed by the crowd, and no two nights are exactly alike.

Photo Credit: British Antarctic Survey


7 items
  • Subglacial Lakes

    Scientists are on a mission to a subglacial lake in one the remotest places on Earth.

  • Stem cell science

    Adult cells reprogrammed into stem cells inside living animals.

  • Discrimination in Parkinson’s Disease

    A survey reveals Parkinson’s classic symptoms can lead patients to be treated unfairly.

  • Vaccine for simian HIV

    Scientists create a vaccine that seems to prevent the monkey equivalent of HIV.

  • E-Cigarettes

    Are electronic cigarettes, a smoking alternative, any better for us than straights?

  • GOCE

    The European Space Agency is preparing for a satellite to make a fiery plummet to Earth.

  • Virtual Fireworks

    Virtual fireworks will light up the English seaside at the Brighton Digital Festival.



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