Weekend Edition: Who Are The Real Winners?

This edition includes an especially diverse cast of characters, as we meet people as different as the Syrian school teachers - and pupils - bombed by the Assad regime, a revered traditional musician in Vietnam who is a master of the coconut viola, and Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein.

Doctor Saleyha Ahsan describes the agonies of civil war that can be seen in a Syrian emergency room, while Mark Mardell weighs up the agonising choices facing President Obama on what to do in response to the Syrian crisis. Jon Donnison meets a woman who made it all the way from Syria to Australia - but after a nightmarish journey, including 11 days on the Indian Ocean with no food or lifejackets, how secure is her right to stay 'Down Under'? Celeste Hicks bumps her head in N'Djamena and ends up learning more than intended about healthcare in Chad. Justin Rowlatt gets a lesson in appreciating Vietnamese music from maestro Vinh Bao, while Alex Marshall - like everyone else in Liechtenstein - attends the tiny principality's celebrations on its national day.

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