Is India Facing Economic Crisis?

How low can the rupee go? The rupee plunges to an all time low and food prices shoot up amid mass food handouts to India's poor. So just what's happening to what was one of the world's biggest economic success stories? We have a special report from Calcutta.

And as emerging markets struggle - we find out if Vietnam, once heralded as 'the next big thing to China' can sustain it's growth spurt.

A new kid on the US TV news block - Al Jazeera America takes to the airwaves - but will advertisers switch onto the Qatar based channel?

The hottest ticket in town - seats for the world cup in Brazil are on sale, but will fans be able to afford to go?

From Sugapova to Vanilla Air, why global sports stars and airlines see re-branding as the way to sweet success.

And how do you make learning about financial regulations interesting? Adam Sodowick, CEO and founder of the company True Office thinks he has the answer, with the help of computer games.

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