US Airline Merger Flies into Trouble

The proposed merger of two major US airlines flies into major legal opposition. The US justice department has filed an anti-trust case to block the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. Washington says the proposed merger flies in the face of consumer choice, we speak to Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance who agrees.

Also, Pyongyang has announced it is developing its own smartphone called the Arirang. But how much of it will be actually 'made' in North Korea?

Meanwhile South Korea's smart phone giant, Samsung, is under fire for the way it treats its workers in Brazil. We go live to Rio to find out more.

And, Steinway grand - our reporter with the golden touch gets to grips with Bach's prelude in C Major, as the most revered name in piano making is up for sale to the highest bidder.

We go to Hong Kong to find out why thousands of people are forced to live in a tight spot.

And, how digging a new rail link for London has unearthed an old road link from the days of the Romans right under the historic centre of the old city of London. We go onsite to talk to Jay Carver, the lead architect on Cross Rail, about some of the marvels and mysteries buried beneath London and how archaeologists are helping them to make sure London's buried past is not trashed by the demands of the future.

Joining us from New York is Bloomberg's Diane Brady, and from Hong Kong, Alex Frangos of the Wall Street Journal.

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