Is BlackBerry About to be Crumbled?

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Is BlackBerry about to be crumbled? Could the company which pioneered the smart phone be split up or sold off? We talk to Blackberry shareholder Vic Alboini.

Also, two stories about how future travel could be revolutionised: Chinese cargo ships crossing the Arctic Ocean, and whizzing from LA to San Francisco in just over half an hour - by tube. Or more precisely, by Hyperloop. Multi-billionaire inventor Elon Musk explains how it is possible.

Hear from Engineered Arts, the British business making products that look and move a bit like humans. But does it make business sense to have robots become more 'human'?

What would you give to have your own island? It's been reported that the price of islands is falling. We take a closer look at this most exclusive real estate.

Our regular commentator Lucy Kellaway tells us what businesses could learn from rockers the Rolling Stones.

And we're joined throughout the programme by Jyoti Malhotra - a columnist with the Business Standard in New Delhi and Olivia Sterns from Bloomberg in New York.

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