Egypt unrest: Claims of snipers on Cairo streets

Human rights campaigner Tirana Hassan was at a field hospital in Cairo during a protest on the streets of Cairo, which she describes as "a street battle between pro-Morsi protestors and security officers" during which "live ammunition" was used:

"There was a steady stream of bodies being brought in, some of them had been injured, some of them were dead. But it was very clear that there had been the use of live ammunition on protestors and there were fatal shots to the chest, the head and the throat; so whoever was firing was definitely firing in a way that was bound to be lethal."

Tirana Hassan said that doctors thought the injuries suffered were consistent with shots fired "from an elevated position":

"The actual live ammunition was coming from what they thought was an elevated position because it was actual striking the heads and they were very precise shots to head, torso… this is what we’ve been told, nobody actually saw them, but certainly the doctors that we spoke to and the protestors we spoke to all said that is what they believed it was and it certainly fits with the description."

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