JP Morgan Settles Energy Case and China vs Hollywood

JP Morgan pays up over allegations of manipulating the price of electricity in California and the US Midwest. We talk to one US consumer group who says it is not enough. Also,
why China and Hollywood are in a multi-million dollar dispute over box office money for some of Hollywood's biggest films.

As Zimbabweans prepare to vote in a presidential election, can what once was one of Africa's most profitable economies get back on its feet?

As Bradley Manning is found guilty of espionage we debate whether it will have an impact on future public and corporate whistle-blowers with Gordon Chang in New York and David Kuo in Singapore.

And, we find out why the government in Malaysia wants to reverse a brain drain.

Plus, US Congressman Jim Moran, having just returned from a visit to Guantanamo bay, talks us through the cost of keeping Guantanamo open and the surprising favourite book of some inmates...Fifty Shades of Grey.

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