What neutrinos might tell us about the big bang

Neutrinos give a clue to the existence of matter
Ghostly neutrinos, atomic particles can flip between different forms. Theories argue that equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have been created in the big bang but as the objects around us testify – this simply wasn’t the case. Neutrino flipping might start to explain why this is so.

Incidence of kidney stones is set to increase
Kidney stones – a real pain in the side and they are on the increase. Dr Mark Porter looks at why this might be so and also finds out what it is like to have them.

Astronaut hopeful is put through her paces
Buzz Aldrin launched a global competition to find a new cadre of astronaut. The competition was tough – with 87,000 UK applicants. Follow Sue Nelson as she is put through her paces – trying to win a place in the finals in Florida.

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Gravitational Waves

'Ripples' from black holes detected

Gravity and ripples in the fabric of space time - what do these mean for us?